This session will convene discussions on current advances in fisheries management adaptation in response to changes in distribution and productivity of fish stocks due to climate change. These changes are wreaking havoc in established regulations, scientific advice and fishing dynamics, particularly for stocks moving across jurisdictional boundaries and/or fisheries with different sectors or communities competing for access. We invite proposals for talks on case studies as well as broader themes, focusing on governance, policy, human wellbeing, knowledge creation, modelling and data acquisition challenges across a range of regions and/or examples, focusing on problems as well as solutions. Abstracts for contributed talks that bring together perspectives based on multiple disciplines will be prioritised. The session will include a multidisciplinary group of invited panellists to kick off the event, followed by contributed talks, and will conclude with an interactive Roundtable discussion, with the aim of identifying key themes leading to a perspective paper.


Catherine Longo, Marine Stewardship Council, [email protected]
Olaf Jensen, UW Madison
Kanae Tokunaga, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Tarub Bahri, Food and Agriculture Organisation
Jacqueline Vogel, Environmental Defense Fund
Juliano Palacios Abrantes, University of British Columbia

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