FishSCORE2030 was endorsed as a decadal program by the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. The program will build a global network of scientists, stakeholders, and practitioners to identify approaches to sustain marine fisheries, protect ocean ecosystem health, and secure equitable benefits from fisheries in a changing ocean. This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn more about the program and climate-resilient case studies and to engage in the effort to apply climate-resilient vulnerability assessments and implement effective strategies in diverse fisheries. Abstract: Building resilient fisheries is essential for ensuring the continued flow and equitable distribution of benefits, such as nutritious foods, economic benefits, and cultural traditions, that are necessary for achieving many of the SDGs. The UN Decade of Ocean Science endorsed programme FishSCORE (Fisheries Strategies for a Changing Ocean and Resilient Ecosystems) will form a network of collaborators from across the globe to develop the scientific information base needed to sustain resilient marine fisheries in changing oceans. This programme will integrate transdisciplinary knowledge into new understandings of how climate change will affect marine fisheries at local to regional scales, and moreover, how healthy marine ecosystems and resilient fisheries can be achieved in the context of these changes. FishSCORE will rely on co-development of products through ongoing collaborations between scientists and fishery practitioners in local and regional fisheries. This process will improve the scientific products, ensure they are tailored for applied needs, and support their use in real-world fishery systems. This co-development and application approach will strengthen partnerships and build capacity for forward-looking resilience planning in marine fisheries across the globe, including in industrial and artisanal fisheries as well as in developed and developing countries.  FishSCORE will advance these collaboration and application experiences among diverse types of marine fisheries, including those from developing states and least developed countries, thereby contributing to equity of knowledge and capacity among fishery systems. This network of interdisciplinary scientists, fishery stakeholders, resource managers, community practitioners, and policy makers will (1) co-produce information and tools for assessing climate resilience, (2) develop approaches and best practices for using the tools to identify climate resilience strategies in diverse types of fishery systems, and (3) support the implementation of processes and solutions to advance climate resilience.


Kathy Mills, Gulf of Maine Research Institute ([email protected]
Kristin Kleisner, Environmental Defense Fund ([email protected]
Claire Enterline, Gulf of Maine Research Institute ([email protected]) 

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