Exhibit at the World Fisheries Congress!

3 – 7 March 2024
Seattle, Washington, USA
Hyatt Regency Seattle

We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle, Washington for the 9th World Fisheries Congress (WFC) from 3-7 March 2024 at the Hyatt Regency Seattle. In that same spirit, we hope you’ll come and exhibit at the WFC tradeshow to over 1,800 fisheries professionals. Organized through the World Council of Fisheries Societies, every four years delegates from around the world meet to exchange ideas and perspectives about new research, emerging issues, scientific breakthroughs, and governance related to fisheries science, industry, conservation, and management. Your exhibit at this major industry event will be seen by fisheries and aquaculture scientists; federal, tribal, state, and local administrators, agency directors, and elected officials; educators; consultants; and employees of the marine and freshwater fishing sectors. 

Meeting Exhibitors are typically represented by federal and state fisheries agencies, sellers of photos, arts, and crafts, and companies providing boats, aquaculture supplies, fish tagging and tracking equipment, computer and software applications, consulting services, digital fish-measuring equipment, water quality monitoring and filtration systems, aeration systems, hydroacoustic systems, and others related to fisheries research and management. This unique industry event will be a celebration of the fisheries tradition and cutting-edge technology solutions for fisheries professionals, and not to be missed.

Rental Fees

  • Commercial Exhibitor
    $1,950 USD
  • Crafters
    $450 USD
  • Nonprofit
    $650 USD

Booth Package

  • Space: 8’ x 10’ booth
  • Eight-foot (8’) back drape and three-foot (3’) side drapes
  • One eight-foot table, Two chairs, One wastebasket
  • Two complimentary conference registrations for commercial rates. These passes allow exhibitors to attend all conference sessions and networking functions, interact with attendees outside the Exhibit Hall, and gain information on industry issues.
  • OR Two exhibitor-only badges for nonprofit and crafter rates. The exhibitor-only badges grant access to the exhibit hall but do not grant access to conference sessions or networking events. To gain full access to all the meeting’s events, exhibitors at the nonprofit and crafter rates will need to purchase full registration.

Not included: Booth Electricity. Please see instructions below to purchase:

  1. Click on the exhibit order page here:  https://eventnow.encoreglobal.com/myevents/result/index/show_id/f88646a5-4053-ee11-be6e-000d3a138a94/
  2. Select Your Electrical Options
  3. Pick the 5 Amp Single Phase Service
  4. At Checkout enter discount code: ENWFC76

Tech Sessions: $2,000

These tech sessions occur in a dedicated room in which you can showcase your products for as long as the session lasts. Contact Shawn Johnston, [email protected], for more information.

Exhibit Hall Schedule

Sunday, March 3rd
3:00 pm–6:00 pm Exhibit move-in

Monday, March 4th
8:00 am–11:00 am Exhibit move-in
11:00 am–5:30 pm Exhibits open
5:30 pm–7:30 pm Tradeshow and Poster Networking Event

Tuesday, March 5th
9:00 am–5:00 pm Exhibits open

Wednesday, March 6th
9:00 am–1:00 pm Exhibits open
1:00 pm–3:00 pm Exhibit dismantle

We urge exhibitors to be alert for potential scams! Please see our Fraud Alert


EXHIBITOR RULES AND REGULATIONS EXHIBIT LIMITATIONS Exhibits may not project beyond the space allotted and aisles must be kept clear for traffic and for safety reasons. Exhibits shall not obstruct the view of or interfere with access to other exhibits. Devices for reproducing sound or music may be restricted at the discretion of the American Fisheries Society (AFS). Projection of sound beyond the confines of the exhibit is prohibited unless a request is submitted to and approved by AFS in writing prior to the conference.

BOOTH ASSIGNMENT The assignment or subletting of any part or all of an exhibit booth is prohibited unless a request is submitted to and approved by AFS in writing prior to the conference. AFS reserves the right to change the location of exhibition space and reassign exhibit booths if it determines such action is in the best interest of the meeting.

PROMOTIONAL CONSIDERATION All promotional considerations for the App and Virtual Program Guide must be received by AFS by January 1, 2024. Submission after that date risk not being included in the guide.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL AND/OR CANCELLATION AFS reserves the right to refuse the application of any organization not meeting the professional standards for exhibiting with AFS, which generally entails offering products and services for fisheries professionals. Additionally, AFS may curtail exhibits or parts of exhibits that detract from the character of the meeting. These standards apply to displays, literature, advertising, novelties, souvenirs, and personal conduct of exhibiting personnel. AFS retains the right to cancel an Exhibitor agreement if it discovers that the exhibitor’s display is not as described in this agreement or is incompatible, in the opinion of AFS, with the scientific and educational purposes of the meeting as a whole.

INSURANCE AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENTS Fire, theft, liability, and extended coverage insurance are not provided by AFS, The World Fisheries Council (WFC), or the Hyatt Regency Seattle. Exhibitors may obtain such coverage at its own expense. Small and valuable exhibit materials should be packed each night and placed in a secure location. Exhibitor remains responsible for all property brought into the conference facilities and shall bear the sole risk of loss for that property. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the American Fisheries Society, The World Fisheries Council (WFC), the Hyatt Regency Seattle, and their agents and employees from any damages caused by theft or other perils normally covered by extended coverage, liability, theft, or fire policies. Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the American Fisheries Society, The World Fisheries Council (WFC), and the Hyatt Regency Seattle, their agents and employees, and co-sponsoring agencies for all claims, losses, liability, or damages for injury, death, or property damage that may arise from activities of the exhibitor, its employees, agents, invitees, and licensees.

ATTORNEY FEES AND COSTS Should any litigation arise out of this contract, the exhibitor shall pay all costs and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by AFS, The World Fisheries Council (WFC), and/or the co-sponsoring agencies if AFS, or the co-sponsoring agencies are the prevailing party.

TAXES AND LICENSES Exhibitor shall be responsible for obtaining any licenses, permits, or approvals required under local, state/province, or federal law applicable to its activity at the conference, including the use of copyrighted music. Exhibitor shall be responsible for obtaining any tax identification numbers and paying all taxes, license fees, or other charges that shall become due by any governmental authority in connection with its activities at the conference.

FIRE, SAFETY, AND HEALTH Exhibitor agrees to accept full responsibility for compliance with city, county, state/province, and federal fire, safety, and health ordinances regarding the installation and operation of equipment. All exhibit materials and equipment must be reasonably located within the booth and protected by safety guards and devices where necessary to prevent personal accidents to attendees. Exhibitor hereby represents and warrants to AFS, The World Fisheries Council (WFC), and co-sponsoring agencies that the exhibitor has taken all steps reasonably necessary to ensure the sound engineering and structural integrity in its exhibit design and the proper construction and safety of the exhibit itself, as erected.

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS Due to the uncertainty in our times, cancellations for any reason will be refunded until January 1st 2024. Cancellations occurring from January 1-31 will receive a 50% refund. However, cancellations after January 31, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST will not receive any refund. COVID-19 AFS and The World Fisheries Council (WFC) remains in close contact with meeting venues, hotels, and other organizations relevant to our annual meeting. While we fully expect the meeting to be held in-person and we don’t expect cancellation or curtailment of the event, Exhibitors should be aware that impacts from COVID-19 last longer than projected and may necessitate changes in meeting programming, events and possibly even cancellation. Please know that all of your booth fees will be fully refunded, if the meeting is canceled due to Covid-19.