This full-day session will focus on the latest advancements, obstacles, and problem-solving pertaining to on-demand fishing. On-demand, or “ropeless,” systems eliminate static rope in the water column compared to fishing with traditional pot/trap gear designs. In traditional methods, gear is tied to a rope that is attached to a buoy at the surface of the water. The main characteristic of on-demand gear is that it doesn’t need this tether between gear and buoy. The presentations in this session will give attendees relevant background information about on-demand technologies, its purpose, as well as implementation and testing-related challenges. Through additional formal presentations, the session will also provide an overview of specific global case studies of on-demand fishing. After the presentations, there will be roundtable conversations where attendees and presenters may explore the innovations of on-demand fishing and what is necessary to increase success in the future.


Kristen Long, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, [email protected]

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