Global leaders set a target to end overfishing and restore fish stocks to sustainable levels of abundance by 2020 as part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG target 14.4). Yet information about the state of the world’s fisheries is still limited and global studies report that many fish stocks remain overfished, leaving most countries far from achieving the target.

In this session, we are looking at bringing together efforts to track progress towards global fisheries sustainability and, more specifically, to track countries’ progress to SDG 14.4. Alternative methods to assess the state of national fisheries, such as the use of indicators, are needed to fill the knowledge gap in global fisheries. We are interested in methods used to assess stock sustainability based on different data or knowledge types, and methods to evaluate the governance capacity of countries to end overfishing and restore fish stocks in their national waters.


Chris Wilcox, Minderoo Foundation, [email protected]
Jemma Thévenau, Minderoo Foundation
Julia Santana-Garcon, Minderoo Foundation
Jessica Spijkers, Minderoo Foundation

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