Changes in the climate, marine ecosystems, and management policies  have increased the demand for novel and more holistic approaches to modeling ecosystems and resource management strategies. However, building trust and relationships with managers takes time, and management systems rely on precautionary foundations with many guard rails against incorporating new approaches before they have been fully proven. We lack a consistent road map for the burden of proof new approaches should be required to clear before they can be adopted to support management. Furthermore, to avoid leaving data-limited and data-moderate systems out of innovation, the burden of proof for these systems must accommodate the limited data and increased uncertainty inherent in most of the world’s fisheries. In this session, we will explore technical and interpersonal approaches for demonstrating how new methods can be incorporated into tactical management across scales and regional jurisdictions.


Christine Stawitz, NOAA Fisheries, [email protected]
Claudio Castillo Jordan, SPC
Anne Cooper, ICES
Sean Anderson, DFO

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