The Bloom: A Networking Event for Women and Gender Minorities in Fisheries

Seafood and Gender Equality (SAGE), a leading NGO focused on building gender equality in the seafood sector, hosts a networking group for women and gender minorities in the sector called The Bloom. The Bloom unites this diverse group found at every level in the North American seafood sector, creating an inclusive community aiming to inspire, unite, and empower its members to share their insights, stories, and solutions and support each other throughout their career journeys.

Seafood and Gender Equality will host a networking event for all women and gender minorities in attendance at the World Fisheries Conference, bringing attendees together for an inspirational and empowering event to recognize the incredible contributions they bring to the fisheries sector.


Julie Kuchepatov, Seafood and Gender Equality (SAGE), [email protected]

Indigenous Fisheries Gathering – Transboundary Waters, Fish, Peoples, and Governance

The session, “Indigenous Fisheries Gathering – Transboundary Waters, Fish, Peoples, and Governance”, will bring together knowledge holders and rights holders from waterways and water bodies that intersect Indigenous territories and imaginary geo-political borders, in North America and beyond. Through a facilitated discussion, those convened will share their experiences working at such an interface while championing Indigenous rights and sovereignty. Their reflections will provide insight into how transboundary fisheries can thrive and/or be protected amidst mounting ecological and social challenges. Attending to the importance of relationships and connection, this facilitated discussion will be followed by an open networking session for all attendees. Our goal is to centre Indigenous voices and experiences in an interactive way to allow for cross-jurisdictional knowledge exchange and to foster an atmosphere of co-learning.


Andrea Reid, UBC, [email protected]