While global interest and investment in the blue economy accelerates rapidly, our attention to developing that economy in a just and inclusive manner severely lags. The small-scale fisheries sector provides an excellent case study that highlights the need for environmental and social justice considerations to be at the forefront of our minds. This session will bring together diverse speakers from the legal, policy, scientific, and small-scale fishing sector perspectives to set the stage for an open dialogue among all participants regarding key issues that small-scale fisheries face at the intersection of food, water, and energy issues within the global blue economy development. Presentations will focus on how a justice-minded lens can help improve policy, science, and livelihoods. The discussion will aim to draw out both commonalities and differences among geographies and socio-political contexts, with an emphasis on solution development for a more sustainable (socially, environmentally, and financially) global blue economy.


Melissa Garren, ELAW, [email protected]

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