Offshore wind development is central to planning for renewable energy worldwide and reduction of carbon emissions. Existing, proposed, and planned offshore development overlaps with diverse marine ecosystems, and the effects on those ecosystems largely remain unclear and unknown. Potential effects to fish populations and fisheries are varied and could result in increases or decreases in abundance, biomass, and distribution. Offshore wind is at all stages of development globally from planning to decommissioning, so a global gathering of fisheries and conservation expertise offers a unique opportunity for researchers from East Asia, North America, Europe, and elsewhere to share their knowledge and research on co-existence of fish, fishing and offshore wind. This session will broadly address effects of offshore wind on fish, and fisheries, including both commercial and recreational fisheries. Presentations may address but are not limited to: emerging ecological and socio-economic research, innovative methods for assessment, scale considerations, and current regulatory processes.


Mike Pol, Responsible Offshore Science Alliance, [email protected]
Vanessa Stelzenmüller, Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries

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