Fisheries vary along a wide range of attributes, which may influence the extent to which numerous fishery objectives are met. Some attributes may enable some objectives to be met while others may impose barriers. The variability in attribute profiles between fisheries makes it challenging to identify strong influences of specific attributes and achieve success across multiple objectives. In this session, we bring together different approaches used to evaluate the potential influence of broad fishery attributes on meeting fishery objectives and strengthening fisheries management. To achieve this, we invite presentations that address fishery objectives, expert survey or data synthesis studies across multiple fisheries, decision-support tools that may help to identify promising actions to take, and seafood certification and ratings systems that specify criteria related to both fishery attributes and specific objectives. Presenters will each place their findings within the session’s aims of better understanding linkages between fishery attributes and objectives.


Michael Melnychuk, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), [email protected]
Dowling Natalie, CSIRO

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