Global environmental changes such as habitat loss, pollution, climate change and invasive species are eroding the biogeography of fishes across marine, transitional, and fresh waters, with important consequences for the stability of aquatic ecosystems and provisioning of ecosystem services. In this special session we aim to look back at the past and evaluate current and future risks to fish diversity at the species, community, and ecosystem level. We will particularly focus on novel approaches to document, predict and mediate biodiversity changes and build a sustainable future for aquatic ecosystems. We expect contributions on topics including (but not limited to) population genomics to detect evolutionary impacts, compilation of historical information to track biodiversity changes across centuries, time series analysis using data generated by citizen science groups or national monitoring networks to unveil the response mechanisms to past and current pressures, and predictive modelling aiming to guide conservation decision-making.


Ana Filipa Filipe, CEF, ISA, University of Lisbon, [email protected]
Lise Comte, Illinois State University
Julian Olden, University of Washington

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