Failure to translate ecosystem science into management action can result when information is not conveyed to the appropriate management body or because of the nature of the information or the quality of the communication. We welcome contributions on products and processes that have been used to improve the conveyance of ecosystem information into the fisheries management process, especially those that have been used to inform tactical fisheries management decisions. We encourage studies that propose and/or compare products, processes, timing, visualization, and targeted audiences, as part of the management cycle. The end goal is to identify decision points, tools, and types of information that maximize uptake into fisheries management decisions and to identify the scales and contexts in which the various approaches work best. The formal presentations will be followed by a roundtable discussion among fisheries managers and policymakers to discuss the possibilities and challenges of applying the work presented.


Ivonne Ortiz, University of Washington, [email protected]
Stephani Zador, NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Beth Fulton, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

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