Fisheries science tells us that we have a fish sustainability crisis. Climate change and decades of human intervention have disrupted the balance of river ecosystems. Clean, renewable energy resources are needed, including hydropower with fish passage. The science “advocates” for massive and faster restoration activities. Recent technological development across many fields has increased dramatically.  However, in the world of fish passage and invasive management the trajectory has been relatively flat: Fish ladders and truck-and-transport operations are largely unchanged and invasive removal is primarily manual. As a result, key objectives are not being met. Given the decline in many migratory fish populations, and the rise in opportunistic invasive fish species, incremental steps toward improvement are not enough. A significant change in approach is needed. Join us in a two-part panel discussion of the requirements for progress, including government policy, and a case evaluation of population restoration efforts necessitating innovative, removal strategies.


Vince Bryan, Whooshh Innovations, Inc., [email protected]
Steve Dearden, Whooshh Innovations, Inc.
Mike Messina, Whooshh Innovations, Inc.

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