The dam removal movement has taken hold in the United States, Europe, and other developing countries, leading to thousands of dams being removed worldwide. A combination of improved scientific understanding, economic necessity, socio-political coalitions, and aging infrastructure built for bygone purposes has driven the dam removal trend. In the face of climate change, shifting alternative energy portfolios, and the global loss or decline of migratory fishes and the fisheries they support, what role will dam removal play globally at the water-energy-food nexus? This session will consist of technical talks synthesizing dam removal outcomes, case studies of dam removal projects, and visions for global engagement to expand the knowledge base supporting the practice of dam removal in the pursuit of river restoration.


Jeffrey Duda, U.S. Geological Survey
Shannon Boyle, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, [email protected]
Nathaniel Gillespie, US Forest Service
Lisa Hollingsworth-Segedy, American Rivers
Herman Wanningen, World Fish Migration Foundation
George Pess…

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