Freshwater and diadromous fishes are mired in an extinction crisis, and the irreversible loss of biodiversity has consequences for human food security and economic opportunity due to declining inland fisheries harvest. Climate change will exacerbate the myriad stresses upon inland fish and fisheries via a host of pathways. For example, rising mean water temperature directly impacts fish growth and survival rates and the timing of sexual maturation, wind speed and water temperature interact to structure mixing dynamics and nutrient availability in lentic systems with consequence to fish growth and fisheries yield, and more frequent and extreme episodic flood and drought events will impact fish recruitment dynamics and investment / operation of water regulation infrastructure. In this session, we will bring together climatologists, limnologists, and global finance experts with fish physiologists and ecologists and fisheries experts, to explore how climate change impacts to inland fish and fisheries will likely manifest.


Michael Cooperman, PlusFish Philanthropy, [email protected]

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