This session invites participants to apply their knowledge to practical problem solving by contributing to a resource that will guide decarbonization planners and policy makers in harmonizing emissions-reductions objectives with the objective of supporting fishery ecosystems and the services that depend on them. Participants will review and assemble input collected through an expert elicitation exercise to develop a synoptic framework that qualitatively assesses the known and potential tradeoffs and synergies between a wide range of decarbonization solutions (e.g., emissions reductions in the energy, transportation, agriculture, and industrial sectors, as well as land-based, ocean-based, and engineering-based carbon removal practices) and the ocean, estuarine, and freshwater ecosystems that support fishery-related ecosystem services (food provision, livelihood, traditional cultural value, and recreation).


Sarah Schumann, Shining Sea Fisheries Consulting, [email protected]
Patrick Sullivan, Cornell University
Jynessa Dutka-Gianelli, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Linda Behnken, Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association
Alison Bates, Colby College

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